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The Bible of The Unitarian Church of Pasta is called The New Testament of The Flying Spaghetti Monster; Dinner 2.0. This new and improved recipe for Pastafarianism is available for free right now!

Download it now.


Being ordained in the Unitarian Church of Pasta is a serious commitment. Therefore, we will not offer ordinations until people have purchased the bible or downloaded the e-book and studied it.

After you have studied The Word of His Noodliness, you may then ask to be ordained in the church by contacting us at


We also offer some handouts that can help you spread The Word of The Unitarian Church of Pasta.

Download this Tri-Fold Pamphlet (print on both sides, flip on short edge) and hand it out to people if you wish to Pasthelatize.

For anyone who has questions about our church organization or how we stand up to popular religious tests, download this handout on why we qualify as a church.

May the blessings of His Noodliness be upon you, R’amen!