Update on the Print Book

Flying Spaghetti Monster
The Flying Spaghetti Monster at Fish Eye Marine Park

The book release is still caught up in a lot of nonsense at Amazon. I know I promised June, and I was ready in June. However, Amazon is making things difficult.

In the meantime, you can get the e-book for free here.

I hope the paperback version will be available by next month, but it’s been done through a department of Amazon which was just outsourced to India, and no one seems to know how to deal with the issues.

Bobby Henderson did reach out and apologize for the copywrite thing. So, the book now has his permission to exist. However, he hasn’t told Amazon that he reported the book in error yet, so we are still waiting on that.

Please share the free e-book with friends, and know that a real paper copy that you can hold in your hands is on the way as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and support. R’amen!



FSM or His Noodliness
The Flying Spaghetti Monster in the high desert

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