Create a Parish

Unitarian Church of Pasta

Some of you have asked about creating your own parish and churches within the Unitarian Church of Pasta. We support this!

To do this, please collect whatever information your worshipers are willing to give.

To be valid for government purposes (to prove we are a religion), we would need the real name, address, and phone number of e-mail.

However, if members want to submit less than that, they will still be valid to us.

It would be helpful to have two separate lists (one that meets a government test and one just for the church.) However, one list is fine if you’re not sure which test the information you are given meets.

Tell us where you are, and where you meet. Give us an idea of the size of your parish (the area that your churches and followers are spread over.)

Send the list to us at:

We will add it to our master lists, and just like that, you will be a registered parish with registered churches within our church!


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