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As many of you know, Bobby Henderson is still not letting our bible be printed. He reported it to Amazon for copyright infringement in spite of it being 100% original pictures and content. Amazon does not investigate copyright claims at all. They simply suspend the account of the person the complaint was made against. The only way to get this fixed is for Bobby Henderson to write to them and admit that our bible is original content, and revoke his complaint against us.

He has been asked many times to do this by followers, but he continues to refuse.

What he claims is: “I will let it be printed when it is clear that it has nothing to do with me or mainstream Pastafarianism.”


So we wrote back and told him:

1. It says right on the cover that The New Testament of The Flying Spaghetti Monster; Dinner 2.0 is not affiliated with Bobby Henderson. 

2. In the first chapter is makes clear all the reasons that our religion is different from that of other Pastafarians. 

3. On the back of the book it makes clear that we are not affiliated with Bobby Henderson. 

4. In the description online it makes clear that we are not affiliated with Booby Henderson. 

5. On our website we make clear that we are not associated with Bobby Henderson or mainstream Pastafarianism.

from two lovers with clouds

In spite of being told this very clearly by many of our members, he refuses to let us get more bibles printed and continues to say “Only if you make it clear it’s not mine.” We tell him that we DO make it clear, and we ask for suggestions on more ways to do that if he doesn’t like what we have already done.

However, he does not respond with anything except: “You have to make it clear that it’s not related to me.”

We have.

And yet, he continues to refuse to release his complaint.

So how can you help?

Well, the book is 100% original content written by the prophet Violet Johnson. Ergo, this would be a VERY easy lawsuit to win if the church could afford it. Since the church has no money, we would ask that anyone interested in contributing to the cost of a lawyer please let us know.

Our e-mail is:


If you have no money to contribute, that is FINE. Just e-mail Bobby Henderson and tell him that we have not claimed any association with him, and that we have actively said we are not associated. Then ask him to write to Amazon and tell them that he wants to revoke his complaint against the church.

His e-mail is:

By sending him a message, you can really help the church. He has to listen to us eventually if enough people ask him to please release the copyright complaint which he filed in error.

We know His Noodliness wants His bible printed, or He wouldn’t have dictated it to the prophet Violet Johnson. Ergo, Bobby Henderson is going against the will of His Noodliness. We must change his mind.

Thank you for your help, Pastafarians!

FSM or His Noodliness

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